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Commercial decorating is one area we excel. Amongst Christmas decorating professionals, we stand out in our ingenuity, creativity and mastery of the art of commercial Christmas Decorations. We do much more than just installing Christmas tree lights in your commercial space. Using a combination of still-life art work, greenery and a creative use of lightning effect, we would transform your commercial space into a Christmas paradise.

Whether yours is a packed commercial space, a spacious store or a partitioned lot, we know exactly what to do to stun your customers the next time they walk into your space.

commercial holiday decorating

Our Commercial Décor Services at a Glance

Property Survey & Décor Plan Design

Our approach to commercial decor is to involve our client in property assessment so that together we can come up with a décor plan that satisfactorily meets their requirement.


We are a customer focused décor outfit committed to following through with customers’specifications. We will install it just the way you want it.


We don’t wait till things come a head before acting. That’s why we have a system of routine checks and service for your Christmas lightning installation.

Décor Strip Off & Storage

We know that Christmas Holiday décor is an annual expense item on your books.But it is not all about our gains. You don’t have to break the bank every year to do décor.With our décor strip-off, take-down and storage service, you can be sure your décor ornaments and accessories are In safe hands and only look forward to Install them back on at the next festive period without spending much.

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